Student Chefs

Future chefs, today

Our kitchen is unique in that all of our food is prepared by the students of our culinary school, Hurst Culinary school. Our students prepare each meal under the supervision of our head chef, Chef Eugene, ensuring that each plate of food served to a customer is of the highest standard.

Culinary excellence

The menu itself is based on the students curriculum; as they learn new skills each week they immediately put them into practice in our kitchen. Experience their culinary adventure and eat food prepared by the top chefs of tomorrow. Our students receive more practical experience than students at other schools, which ultimately makes them better chefs; our students go on to international success, whether it be through opening their own restaurant, working in Michelin starred kitchen or going on to work under the top chefs worldwide.

Food from the stars of tomorrow

Our students are driven, creative and passionate. As a result, the food created at MoM café is created with the passion of our hard working students, who take pride in producing high quality, excellent food.   A key indicator of our student’s abilities is that we boast a 100% employment rate upon graduation. Not only do we experience this, we are so confident in the success of our program that we are able to guarantee employment to prospective students. When you eat at MoM café, you truly experience culinary excellence.

How do I know what to expect?

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