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This week in our kitchen

Our bakery was very busy last week, with plenty of delicious treats on offer. We found that out Macarons were very popular, which at R12 each is not hard to believe! We also had our usual brownies and baked cheesecakes available. We had a delightful Tiramisu cake on offer for only R30 a slice. Finally, our pastries, a usual crowd-pleaser, were as popular as always. These flaky delights are perfect for any occasion.


Introducing Bam! Ice Cream

As part of our 3rd Year Food Innovation Module, BAM Ice Cream was developed by Mariné Riechert and Anna-Mart Willemse and produced with the help of Bevan Trimm. Together they are team BAM! Each recipe has been tested to perfection, and they will be introducing a fruity flavour to their range later in September. Seeing that cold days are drawing to an end; we know that sunny days await us!

Get ready for those hot days and stock up on some of our artisanal ice cream. Who doesn’t love ice cream? Try this new addition to the MOM Freezer and we know that you will come back wanting more. Wow your family with a selection of tasty, handcrafted creamy ice cream to accompany any dessert or to simply enjoy on its own. Guaranteed to tame any sweet craving. Our ice creams are made with lots of love and care! They are available in the following irresistible flavors: ‘The Chocoholic’, ‘ Milk Tart Frozen Dessert’ and ‘Creamy Lemon Curd’.


Tips and Tricks

This week we’re going to teach you how to steam asparagus without a steamer basket. Whether you just don’t have a steamer basket or don’t want an extra kitchen tool to purchase and store, you can steam asparagus (and other vegetables) with this simple tip.

To steam asparagus, set a large soup can (with top and bottom removed) upright in a small stockpot. Add an inch of water to the pot and bring to a simmer. Tie asparagus in a bundle with kitchen string, then stand it (tips up) inside the can. Cover with a heat-resistant bowl and steam.


Introducing this weeks student

We are so excited to introduce our students to you! This week we’re introducing Lucy Ndala, who is affectionately nicknamed ‘Lovely Lucy’. Lucy was born in Botshelong hospital, vosloorus in Johannesburg. Lucy tells us that she was inspired to love cooking by her father. When asked who her favorite Chef is, Lucy cheekily tells us that her favorite chef is none other than… herself! She explains that ‘I am my own aspiring favourite chef- In order to be the best, you should envision yourself at your highest self’.

Lucy tells us that she loves the color grey and her favorite thing to eat is calamari, whether it be deep-fried, pan-fried or sauteed in garlic and thyme sauce. In Lucy’s own words, ‘The last thing I would love to share is I use my smile has a sort of “defense mechanism” more than anything. When I’m in trouble, I smile. If I’m shy because I’m in a new environment, I smile. If I feel like everything is coming down on me, I smile’. Thanks for chatting to us Lucy!

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