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This week in our kitchen

This week we are launching our Summer Breakfast Menu. We have reintroduced some of the old favourites like the Eggs Benedict options and tweeked the recipes of the toasted sandwiches so that they are now even more delicious than before. Some new items on the menu like Chef Pierre’s delicious homemade breakfast granola and our spiced Chai Tea Latte which is served hot or “iced” to beat those hot Paarl summer days. Stop by this week to sample our revamped breakfast menu, new and improved just for you. See you soon!

Tips and Tricks

This week Chef Pierre is sharing with us some of his top tips and tricks on how to get those bakes perfect, every single time. He tells us to use a recipe that you know will work, every single time. This will ensure that you dont waste your ingredients and time on an untested recipe that ends up not being too good after all. Want to try something new? Ask friends and family for recipes that work well for them, every single time. Next, always make sure you have all the ingredients that you need before you start cooking. This wil save you heartbreak and panic when you get halfway through and find out you only have 1 cup of flour, not 2! Remember that cooking is an art and baking is a science- always use exact measurements (cups, scales etc) to ensure success every time. Finally, always preheat your oven before you start to prepare your recipe and check that the shelves are in the right place before you switch the oven on. Changing shelves once your cake is ready to go in will result in the oven temperature lowering and your cake cooking unevenly. Pop your cake in quickly and don’t open the oven door until you’re ready to check your cake. With those tips in hand you>re ready to conquer baking- go forth and enjoy!

Chat to our team

This week we are chatting to Chantelle, our MOM Café Food and Beverage Manager. Here at MOM, team and customers alike love her and she is integral to the success of the MOM brand and a firm favourite with all of our regular clients. Chantelle tells us that she’s been a member of the MOM team for 1 year and 6 months, as food and beverage manager of the MOM Cafe. Outside of work she enjoys hosting friends, entertaining, reading and exploring the streets of Paarl.

Chantelle says that her favorite part of working at MOM is the changing environment and being able to constantly meet new people. She loves that we’re affordable, even for pensioners and that we open up the industry to both our students and clients, by operating a student chef kitchen.

Working closely with the students, Chantelle tells us that she enjoys being involved in nurturing their careers, mentoring them and sharing life advice. Chantelle tells us that she is always touched when the customers and students tell her that MOM isn’t the same without her and that she always goes the extra mile (and we couldn’t agree more).

Having grown up on a farm, Chantelle is a meat lover and enjoys experimenting with different cuts. She says that a bowl of pasta will put a smile on her face at any time of the day and that the most unusual thing she’s ever eaten is crocodile and kangaroo (both of which, she says, tastes like chicken). Chantelle tells us that she appreciates every moment, every sunset and sunrise- not one, she says, looks the same as the other.

Thanks so much for chatting to us Chantelle, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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