Baked Goods

Fresh, every day

Step into our bakery and satisfy your sweet tooth. With a massive range of cookies, cakes and savoury bakes, MOM’s bakery can sate any craving. In these days of mass production, it is rare to find a bakery that devotes itself to quality over quantity. Here are MoM’s, we ensure that we use only the best quality ingredients and make everything from scratch.

Meals on main paarl cake baked goods

The Bakery

 Our bakery is headed by our very own Chef Pierre, and produces fresh baked goods on a daily basis. We produce a wide range of baked goods to suit every occasion; warm bread, flaky quiches, filling pies, and a wide range of cookies, cakes and tarts; you’ll have trouble trying to choose which one to indulge in!

Culinary Stars of the Future

All of our baked goods are made fresh by our students, under the guidance of Chef Pierre. Each loaf of bread, cupcake and quiche is made with attention to detail, care and the passion of our future culinary stars. We guarantee that your whole family will find something they love.

How do I know what to expect?

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